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The Half Ain't Never Been Told
"The story of the blues is a story that has been told a number of times ... as far as black music as a whole is concerned it is a half-story. This emphasis has drawn attention away from other important vocal traditions, particularly the sacred vocal traditions, from the song-sermons of the Baptist and Sanctified preachers to the gospel songs of the church congregations and of the 'jack-leg' preachers and evangelists".
 - Paul Oliver, Songsters and Saints - Vocal Traditions on Race Records, Cambridge University Press, 1984.

Introducing the sister website to 'Earlyblues.com', helping to redress the balance by specialising in early gospel music and particularly lesser known singers and groups, from the spirituals and sacred songs in the 1870s through the evolution of gospel music to the end of WW II.

The website includes the origins of gospel music, a chronology of key dates and significant events, influential churches in the American south, bibliographical summaries of preachers and their congregations / 'jack-leg' preachers and evangelists / gospel singers, essays and articles specialising in early gospel music, current and future research projects, a discography including key recordings, and a bibliography of key reference literature. Additional materials including images, maps, plans and diagrams are included whenever appropriate, subject to the necessary permissions being granted for on-line publication.

As this is a fairly new website being developed over time, please be patient if the reference you are looking for is in the 'Coming Soon' category.

If you have any comments, contributions (information/articles/essays) or any other queries, please email me, Alan White at alan.white@earlygospel.com .

Thanks to my wife Christine and my good friend blues/gospel historian Max Haymes for their guidance and assistance in developing this website.

For the record: this is an educational website and no content may be copied for commercial use (see our copyright notice).

Note to Educators and Church representatives: The material on this website is often used (with permissions granted) by educators within schools and the church. If you require permission please email me with the details - alan.white@earlygospel.com .


"I have found earlygospel.com to be a huge help in my Worship Arts class. The material is thoroughly researched and extremely informative. Because of this site, my students will grow tremendously in their knowledge of Gospel Music's history. Keep up the good work!" 
- Billy Buchanan, University Christian School, Jacksonville, FL, USA


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