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'He Is My Story : The Sanctified Soul of Arizona Dranes'

Book by Michael Corcoran.
Origial OKeh 78 rpm record transfers by Christopher King.
Design by Susan Archie.

A singer sits at the piano and loses all inhibitions while in complete control of the instrument: Little Richard, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis. Although church singer Arizona Dranes doesn't come close to the stature of those icons, she set the mold for rockin' singer/ pianists in 1926 with six "test records" that have stood the test of time.

Until now, very little has been correctly reported about Dranes other than the facts that she was blind, from Texas, had a piercing Pentecostal voice and was the first recording artist to play piano in the secular styles of the day, while singing words of deep praise.

Michael Corcoran, former music critic and columnist for the Austin American-Statesman, has spent years unearthing revelatory details on the life of the mysterious woman behind the music. The book includes a CD containing all 16 of Arizona Dranes' recorded tracks, expertly remastered from the original OKeh label 78 RPM records by Grammy-winning producer Christopher King.

The book is also available digitally (without the music) as an eBook.

Available from Tompkins Square : www.tompkinssquare.com


Fire In My Bones

80 tracks on 3 CDs together with a 24 page booklet

TSQ 2271

Available from Tompkins Square : www.tompkinssquare.com


This May Be My Last Time Singing

3 CD box set

TSQ  2639

Available from Tompkins Square : www.tompkinssquare.com

Goodbye Babylon

Six CDs and a 200 page book housed in a cedar box packed with raw cotton.

Compiled by Lance Ledbetter, Goodbye, Babylon was Dust-to-Digitalís first release in 2003. The five CDs feature 135 Songs (1902-1960) and one CD featuring 25 Sermons (1926-1941). Accompanying the CDs is a 200 page book with Bible verses, complete lyric transcriptions, and notes for each recording.

Available from  : www.dust-digital.com


Take Me To The Water: Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography 1890-1950

One CD and a 96-page hardcover book

Photographs Compiled by Jim Linderman, Music Complied by Lance Ledbetter. The 96-page hardcover book has 75 sepia photograph reproductions from 1890-1950 and is accompanied by a CD of rare gospel and folk recordings from original 78-RPM records (1924-1940).

Available from  : www.dust-digital.com


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