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Fatted Calf's Blues - The First Golden Age
(African American Gospel & Sacred Songs : 1902-1942)
 - by Max Haymes


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Sister Bell” on ‘Goodbye Chain Stores Pt.-1’ is addressed as such by Rev. J.M. Gates.  Also listed by Lawrence Cohn in notes to The Best of Reverend J.M. Gates. [Columbia. Roots ‘n Blues. CK 65710.]  2004.


Despite B.&G.R. listing the accompaniment on ‘Pig Or Pup’ by Rev. Emmett Dickinson as “two unknown males” (p.213) and Tony Russell’s assertion that one of them was “occasionally impersonating a woman” [Notes to Document DOCD-5441. Rev. Emmett Dickinson 1929-1930] February 1996; I hear two women and one man. Discussion welcomed!

All corrections/additions by Max Haymes.
All transcriptions by Max Haymes.
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